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What my clients are saying.

Diane K

Chef Jossie was amazing!  Arrived on time and we had a very yummy meal! Everything was cooked perfectly.  There were six of us and we were celebrating our 40th anniversary.  She cleaned up and did dishes and was so patient and friendly.  Even put our leftovers in containers and away in the fridge for us to enjoy later.  Highly recommend!

Kacie A

I planned a weekend getaway for my fiancé's 30th birthday in Indio and hired this team.  Chef Jossie and her assistant Claudia were great.  Punctual, resourceful and friendly.  We had plenty of food (lamb chops, Scottish Salmon, maple bacon Brussels, garlic mash and seasonal salad).  My family is filled with foodies and they raved about the food and service all weekend.  The Chefs even cleaned and packed the leftovers for us!  Would definitely recommend.

Logan F.

Chef Jossie was incredible! From food to service to her friendliness and comfort with the very limited resources in our Airbnb kitchen, everything was impeccable and she was the captain of the ship.  A total joy to have with us for a grand birthday dinner.

I think we all ate much, much more than we intended because it was all so delicious.  The whole experience was a blast.  When you choose your sous chef, try the mahi-mahi, the stuffed chicken and the NY strip, and be sure to ask for Jossie!


The day I met Joslin was my lucky day.  Joslin is friendly, warm and caring. Her food prep and menus are excellent. She shops, cooks and presents it ready to go, even labeled.

Joslin will prepare anything you want and keep with your meal planning.  I highly recommend her as a meal planner + friend.

Karen H

Working with Joslin is a gift. Her food is unconditionally outstanding, gathering raves from my guests. Having the highest praise for Joslin's talent, integrity and performance.


Possesses excellent work ethics, absolutely honest character, and most of all passion and devotion as a chef with incredible tasteful results.